we will not only manufacture exclusive furniture, but also quickly and professionally install it in your home or office



Furnishing an apartment or office, we, quite justifiably, strive to present our family and friends with a warm and cozy atmosphere, as well as, if possible, to increase the amount of useful space. Experienced specialists of the Aria Ukraine company will help create a modern design in an office or apartment and spatially expand the premises.

Our designers, in the design process, use various visual effects and make functional ergonomic furniture Lviv. Correct and rationally organized interior will make your home or office a real standard of style, fashion, comfort and coziness.



We have achieved high quality products from both wood and artificial stone thanks to extensive experience and continuous improvement of processing methods.


The company`s philosophy is high quality at an affordable price! Our company is completely customer-oriented.


We will implement any of your ideas.


We provide a guarantee for all products, as well as provide post-warranty service.


Thanks to modern equipment and the skill of our specialists, we guarantee the timely execution of all available orders.


We employ highly qualified specialists who are ready to implement projects of any complexity.


Manufacturing furniture turnkey Lviv

When furnishing an apartment or house, an office or any other space, quality and an individual approach to solving your problems are very important, especially if you choose custom-made furniture. Do not neglect the help of professionals, expert advice and recommendations regarding the selection of furniture and its implementation.

Ready-made furniture that we can see in store windows does not always meet our needs or the dimensions of the room. And we always want to increase the useful area of the apartment, get an individual style of our home and be able to influence the budget. The more production develops and processes are automated, the more difficult it is to find unique options for your home. After all, furniture should correspond to the owner’s habits, character and preferences, help support the chosen lifestyle and, moreover, be liked. At the intersection of these factors, we create individual furniture for you!

If you are looking for custom-made furniture in Lviv, then you have come to the right place: from us you can order any furniture according to your preferences, needs and budget. We are happy to implement any of your ideas or projects. And we will also tell you in a little more detail why it is more profitable to choose modern furniture for the home and order its manufacture from us.

First of all, an important advantage of ordering furniture is an individual approach not only to your space, but also to individual needs.

When ordering happy furniture, you can determine:

  • Furniture size – you will no longer need to figure out where to put the table, what you liked or remember Tetris games and furnish the apartment with individual items according to their size.
  • Functionality and purpose – the number of shelves in the cabinet and their dimensions (depth, width and height) will no longer be decided for you by furniture manufacturers. You can specify which shelves you need yourself, knowing their purpose in advance.
  • Material and budget – it is not necessary to look for budget options in dubious stores. All you have to do is contact our specialists and discuss the options that can be implemented within your budget. We can select options for materials and accessories, simplify the design a bit or perform other manipulations to realize your furniture dreams within the planned amount.

When choosing home furniture in the city of Lviv, you should pay attention to some factors that are important for choosing your ideal furniture. First of all, it is the size and design. If everything is clear with the size, then the design should be selected according to the decorative elements, if they are available, the prevailing colors and the overall style of the interior, so that your home is as harmoniously equipped as possible, and the furniture only enhances the feeling of coziness and comfort. The material of manufacture is very important, because it affects not only the price, but also the properties of the furniture and its care. For example, wooden furniture requires a certain temperature and humidity, the use of special non-aggressive care products to increase its durability, etc. It should be noted that proper care can increase the service life of any furniture.

Another important factor in ordering furniture is accessories. We offer only high-quality and reliable accessories for our furniture, which will serve you for many years. After all, in our work we are guided by the principles that provide for the creation of such furniture for our customers, which we would gladly make for our own home.

In addition to the sale of certain furniture, you can also order turnkey furniture for an apartment from us. Such a service will be especially relevant when furnishing a new house or apartment, because you have the opportunity to do everything in the same style, from the same materials. In this way, everything will be perfect in your apartment and no detail of the interior will disturb the harmony and preserve the integrity of the design. From the development of the project taking into account all your wishes (features of the area to be furnished and the budget) to the installation of furniture – our specialists will be with you at every stage.

It is important to note that this way you can even save some money: if you buy the necessary materials in one order, delivery services, for example, will be smaller.

Exclusive furniture for an apartment, turnkey house

Exquisite furniture, Lviv is another request that you can implement with our help, because we also manufacture exclusive furniture to order according to your sketch. Hundreds of implemented projects and satisfied customers are the best proof that everything is possible with us!

High-quality, ergonomic and functional furniture that will balance the design of your home or office, exclusive orders and implementation of large-scale projects – all this and much more is possible with us.

To order, contact during business hours in a way convenient for you. We will be happy to help you organize coziness in your home with the help of furniture made with love.